Finance Officer Certification



The State Board of Education, at their June 2005 meeting, revised the Finance Officer Certification policy.  All finance officers, regardless of how they are funded, are required to comply with this policy. 

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To maintain their certification, finance officers are required to meet specified CPE credits of 24 hours each fiscal year.

Please note that all NCASBO sponsored classes will automatically be processed to DPI for CPE credit.  For all other eligible classes, you are required to submit a Continuing Education Attendance Report form, with documentation to support attendance. 

The form and documentation are to be sent to the NCASBO Executive Director, 6609 Glendower Road, Raleigh, NC  27613.

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The Continuing Education Attendance Report form is required to be submitted, with documentation to support attendance, for any eligible classes you have attended, other than NCASBO sponsored classes.

Please note that this form requires you to relate your class to one of the Standards listed in the Finance Officer Certification policy, and to list that Standard. 

These Standards are:

Standard One - Accounting Principles and Procedures, Standard Two - Financial Planning and Budgeting, Standard Three - Financial Reporting, Standard Four - Financial Management, Standard Five - Business and Personnel Management, Standard Six - Information Processing and Systems Management, Standard Seven - Law and Legal Responsibility.

This completed form, with documentation, is to be sent to NCASBO Executive Director, 6609 Glendower Road, Raleigh, NC  27613.  



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