Professional Development


Finance Officer Professional Development CPE Eligibility Requirements



          The following are the classes typically submitted to meet CPE requirements, and the proposed number of credit hours earned for the class.  This list is not all inclusive and all classes will be reviewed on a case by case basis:

Revised July 1, 2013



Class Description


CPE Credits Earned




A 3-credit class at an AccreditedCollege or University

The class must enhance the finance officer’s qualifications and position.  No self-study classes are allowed.

10 CPE credit hours per hour of the course.  ( 3 credit Class would equate to 30 CPE hours).




Staff Development classes which give CPE credits

Workshop type classes at Conferences.  Topic must be business-related.  Does not include mini-sessions during the conference.

Up to 8 CPE credits if full day.  4 CPE credits if ½ day.




Seminars which give CPA credits

Seminars typically sponsored by various business organizations.  Topic must be school finance-related.

Up to 8 CPE credits if full day.  4 CPE credits if ½ day.




Finance Conferences


School business-related mini-sessions only.

Up to 8 CPE credits per fiscal year, based on submitted agenda.




Accounting Software Training Classes

Training from beginning to advanced subjects such as query mgmt. and report writing.  It should be specific to the LEA’s financial or student information software.


Up to 8 CPE credits per day, 4 CPE credits if ½ day.




DPI Software and System Training

Advanced training in the BUD system modules for Budgeting and Adjustments.  Classes on utilizing our GL and Salary systems more effectively.  Provided by DPI.

Up to 8 CPE credits per day, 4 CPE credits if ½ day.




PC Based Software Training Classes

Software applications ranging from intermediate to advanced. (Microsoft, other technology topics).

Up to 8 CPE credits per day, 4 CPE credits if ½ day.




Instructor/Presenter for Professional Development Classes

Finance Officers requested to plan and present approved CPE classes for other Finance Personnel.

The same CPE credits per class topic awarded to class participants.




Conference Coordinator for Annual NCASBO Conference

Finance Officer serving as conference planner and coordinator for annual NCASBO Conference whose responsibilities at the conference may keep them from attending CPE classes offered at the Conference.

Up to 12 CPE credits (or total amount of CPE offered at the conference) whether attending class or not.




Administrative Seminars approved for Finance Officer CPE Credits

Administrative Seminars to enhance leadership qualities.  Requires agenda and seminar objectives/pre-requisites.

Up to 8 CPE credits if full day.  4 CPE credits if ½ day.


On-line Instruction

On-line seminars to enhance the finance officer's knowledge. Requires approved documentation/evidence of participation during the instruction.

Up to 8 CPE credits if full day



Courses and classes.





Superintendent and Principals Meeting



All NCASBO sponsored classes will automatically be processed to DPI for CPE credit.  For all other eligible classes, you are required to submit a Continuing Education Attendance Report form, with documentation to support attendance.  This form will be on the NCASBO website at along with this list of eligible classes.


The form and documentation are to be sent to NCASBO Executive Director, 6609 Glendower Road, Raleigh, NC  27613.