Scholarship Program


NCASBO Scholarship Program

NCASBO annually awards up to three scholarships in amounts not exceeding $1,000 each to individuals who have been active voting NCASBO members for at least two (2) consecutive years in a permanent employee status.  These scholarships are sponsored by Surry Insurance.
The purpose of the scholarships is to promote and enhance the education and professionalism of NCASBO members.
Please review the following guidelines for important information concerning the application and award process.
Scholarship Rules and Regulations

The scholarships are limited to active voting members in good standing of the NC Association of School Business Officials.  Applicants must be NCASBO members for at least (2) consecutive years and in a permanent employee status.

Each scholarship will total up to $1,000 and is to be used for NCASBO Academy classes, college credit courses, or other post-secondary training directly related to your position; tuition and/or the purchase of books to a North Carolina accredited school. 

  • A reference form must be completed by your immediate supervisor.
  • Applications must be received by the third Monday of December each year.  Applications received after that date will not be considered, unless specified by the Association in correspondence to the membership. 
  • Payment will be made to the individual(s) upon receipt of proper proof of payment and evidence of satisfactory completion of the course.  Scholarships cannot be used to pay for student loans or for any expenditure incurred prior to the year of scholarship award. 

The winner(s) will be selected by the NCASBO Scholarship Committee. announcement and recognition of the winner(s) will be made at the NCASBO Annual Conference in February at the NCASBO Business Meeting.

If you are interested in applying for a NCASBO scholarship, download each of the documents linked below for complete information.

                               Please send your application and reference form to

                                            Deborah Miller, Finance Officer

                                                    Davie County Schools

                                                        220 Cherry Street

                                                    Mocksville, NC  27028                                      



Did you:

  1. Answer all questions?
  2. Sign your name at the bottom?
  3. Include completed and signed reference form?
  4. Include your one-page narrative on how the scholarship would help you?



Scholarship Application Form~ Scholarship Reference Form
Scholarship Selection Criteria
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